Great Marketing

Need a new website? Or an update to an existing website? Maybe you just need some graphics designed? Don’t have the time to manage your social media or write blog posts? How about a promotional video? I am here to help!

Flexible Prices

I take the time to get to know your business and your personal preferences and budget then I work out a price that you can afford. I also offer payment plans to make it easier than ever to get a new website or manage your marketing activity.

Premium Support

When it is all done, I do not just leave you to figure things out on your own, I am always here to support you. If you get a new website or have an old website redesigned, I include three-months of support to help you “settle in” to your new home.



    Once you have made contact, I will then set up a one-hour discovery call with you where we discuss your project and identify some of your goals. I also take a little time to get to know you and your brand.


    I then go away and do more research about the project, and your company and prepare your quotation, this usually only takes a few days, depending on the size of the project.


    Once we know the goals of your website, we can define the scope of your project, i.e., what web pages and features the site requires to fulfil the website goals, as well as the timeline required for building these out to specification.


    Now that we have a bigger picture of the project in mind, I work with you to start creating content (graphics, blog or social media posts etc.)


    Once you are happy with the content it is usually time to start testing (depending on the type of project) and, where required, make some adjustments. Once you are satisfied you can approve the project and make the final payment.


    Where applicable (depending on the type of project) you will have three months of support. During this time I am here to make any minor adjustments to your project. Please note that bigger changes may need to be charged for.